Saturday, June 12, 2010

New semester

My blog is covered with infinity cm of dust @@

New semester starts and I really can't help but feeling excited after Asia Conference. Even its already 2 weeks after the conference, I still can feeling the fire burning in me where nothing can really practically quench it.

I've change my course to architecture!! And I'm very enjoying my course now. The course changing thought comes in a very special way. After Asia Conference one thing that I learnt is to listen to Holy Spirit. And a few days after my semester starts, a thought comes in my mind, "Change your course". And I wonder "what course?". Right after I asked that question, my friend answer my question, amazing eh?

It happens today too. David Oh ask us to listen to God in silence and quietness during the service for almost 3 minutes. In that 3 minutes, I felt God hugging me and telling me that He is standing beside me and will be right where I am. And after that, David said the same thing that God told me, same sentence and same word! I'm so amazed and really excited where this voice will lead me too. But one thing for sure, it is leading me to a higher level, leading me into growth  =)

Was reading my friend blog just now, reading how she fuss and telling about unfairness in the world. How the criminals get away from laws and punishments. How people put up a mask and being hypocritical and make themselves acting in a religious or rather a 'holy' way of life. Or how unfair is some people can excel in everythg while some work hard and cant really achieve anythg at all. 

It makes me realise that I used to be thinking that way. So many people need to repent and so many people deserve punishments. The society need to be fixed and people cannot be trusted. Using biblical theory to condemn the society in so many ways. Disgust smokers, gangster, beggars. Even despise nerds, weirdo, fatties. Ya, especially fat people, I have no idea why they used offend me so much. My mind is always filled with perception to people like "they should be acting like this, this, this.....etc". Trying to correct people in every way I can.

 But now my eyes open...Its not how unfair the world is. Its not about how people should change. Its not about who to be trusted and who cant be. It is because of all these, Jesus died on the cross. He practically tortured to death so that all this crime can be forgiven. We disgust people of the fakeness of not acting the real them, but what about us? We are borne naturally to tell lies, to gossip, to hate. And all these are sins,crimes, that in God's eyes it is as if we murder people. 

Sometimes we might think that hey, how can he/she be a leader or how can he/she can excel? She's not up to the standard or doubting the person in every way we can. The truth is, God elects insignificant or even rejected people to show His significance. Yes, there's justice but in God standard not ours.

Redeem and not condemn. Love and not hate. CHC culture  =)

~Till then~

P.S Please forgive the lengthy post and grammar/spelling mistakes. Lazy to proofread XD

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


haha feel like zillion years of not updating....
ya' know, exams...@@

now i'm studying but feel like giving up d cz time's running out...sigh

kla i drag myself back to the piles of papers first..

lots of updates coming soon after this....
i mean....really alot ><

till then~

You heal, you save, you protect, you love

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i am back

I was suppose to take this time to study and prepare for my test this week but I realise I have more time, so I blog *do i?  XD*

Its been 7 days since I last blog, but when you rephrase it as a quarter of a month, it sounds soooooooo looong time ago. lol. Anyway, a few updates here.
Last wednesday, my guard dog gave birth to 4 puppies


Don't go on pondering "Eh, where's the fourth one?"

Because I have no idea too 

And my whole family have the same question: " Who is the father??" @@

Second thing, school starts, can't believe new year season is expiring so fast. I still want ang paos!! n i dun wan test  ):

As I was scrapping my photos, I found few one lurking in the dark corner inside my laptop, grumpily complained that they had never been reveal publicly yet, haha. 

Anyway this is a picture where I took at Taiwan when I was walking pass the road and then i found them!! 

My long lost children


Actually is three of them


I want to have one of those!!
Its actually quite dangerous because I was crossing the busy street. Halfway walking I discover these 3 cute little fellow and i stopped and snapped. Its not like after one snap then off I go but its like snaps after snaps, kinda forgotten I was on the street == And luckily that time I was traveling with my dad because the rest of the days I traveled alone, and so he grabbed me and dragged me across the street @@ *yea, its true, its not the first time anyway*

To some of you might not know that I am affiliated with an orchestra, Yes, I am. To prove it, pictures.

me, with blocked face, viola


Don't ask, I also don't know why my face is so pissed


Lastly a picture with chun hean and my cell group members. and my disastrous brothers 

~signing off~

I know where I am heading because the one leading me is God

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i dunno what to say

As I was wondering what to update today, I was informed that one of my foundation lecturer committed suicide on the Chinese New Year eve due to post-natal depression by plunging down a 14 storey building. And from what I know, she gave birth to a deceased child.

I still remember how well she delivers the whole lecture and how well she control the class flow. She always hang up a sunny smile on her face and no one can ever upset her. I guess life successfully upset her now.And I still remember how she helped me on my assignment *i forgot to pass up my assignment*, she even go extra miles by defending me among the other lecturers. And I don't even have the chance to thank her. The semester is short and now farewell is never possible.

i some more remember she asks us not to commit suicide when teaching the subject about stress

I guess greater hope and love brings greater impact, destruction and depression to a person and human heart is fragile after all. 
Though it is too late, I owe you thanks and farewell.


It is rather sad  ): as I know what will happen after a person committed suicide >o< and I don't even want to think about it. But to all of you, plssssssssssssssssssssssss Don't Ever Commit Suicide. If you ever have that kind of thought, ring my bells and I shall run to you and kick some ass-es. Please. Don't. You will regret. Trust me.


As I was showering today, I saw this

It's not like the shower gel appear in front of me *pls, not that dramatic*


I thought its used by American for scolding people "You Douche Bag" in movies and shows. So I googled it and found out that 'Douchebag' means a derogatory term, used most often to describe males; JERK, ASS-HOLE. Lol, seriously this is what I found. Then why is it appear on a body shop shower gel? So this is what I get. 'Douche' in french, same spelling and pronunciation, means shower. So, if you ever heard anyone scold you 'You Douche Bag!!!!', it just meant to be 'You Shower Bag!!!!' 


~signing off~

Life is full of sad, random surprises

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i remember

Just now chatted with an old friend. Accidentally, he/she mentions something. Something that I would spend my whole life to forget about it. And now, pandora box is opened, flash backs drown me, emo  ._________.

Ya, I admit that I'd try my best to run away from it, as far as I could. Its just too terrible that it can sucks all my sunshine and laughter away instantly, which is very bad  ):

I don't care, you hurt my feelings. Link me to your blog as my compensation. wee

PS Don't blame me for short post. I have 4 maths assignment questions, one whole crap report to complete and test syllabus to study which i guess will take ages to finish.

~don't even dare to show you guys how messy is my study place now  :o ~

Till then..

Monday, February 15, 2010

i am blogging

Open your eyes big big a



me, florrie cheng, blogging


Some way some how, i hesitated. Because i was afraid that i will procrastinate and leave this blog dead. And number 2, i scare i will make my readers miserable XD

Behold y'all people 

i am BLOGGING *ontheseconddayofcny*

~  Happy chinese new year with lots of red packets!!  ~

o ya, i'm gonna end this post with a picture of two adorable retardo   teehee

during cny

good day!~!!